Purple Sequin Linen Clutch

This beautiful purple linen clutch purse is a stand-out piece for any wardrobe.

Choose your frame and fabric colours for the ultimate in customization.



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Purple Sequin Linen Clutch

This Purple Sequin Handbag is Ready When You Are

Made from high quality 100% natural linen, this purple sequin linen clutch handbag comes with either a purple, light pink, dark pink or champagne coloured sequin finish and features a complimentary cotton lining for the ultimate in a coordinated and seamless style.

This linen handbag was designed to manage a seamless transition between day-time responsibility and night-time fun. The versatility of this clutch also makes it perfect a gift for a friend, mom, or even for yourself.

Instead of being limited to long hanging chains used for additional handling options, a notable feature to these handbags is the cord loop that is sewn into the side seam.  These are functionally important as they can be used to attach handles, beads or other decorative items. For best results, we recommend these attachments for this linen handbag.

This clutch handbag would look amazing with a short skirt and leather jacket or any fun casual attire you may have. Check out our images below for the versatility of this clutch bag.

Because of the natural fibres, linen is long lasting and durable. Enjoy this sustainable flax plant textile which is notably stronger than cotton. Linen also dries faster and is naturally anti-bacterial. The natural fibers hold dyes exceptionally well meaning more options for you!  Learn more about the excellent qualities of linen here.

Product Details

6 Inch Clutch: W: 7 1/2″ x H: 6″ x D: 2″
8 Inch Clutch: W: 9” x H: 5 3/4” x D: 2”

Clutch purses are the perfect size for parties, events or evenings out. Load a clutch bag strategically for best results. Check out our blog for vidoes on how to maximize space in your clutch.

Each handmade clutch is made with the utmost care. Our company handcrafts each product in approximately 10-15 working days. Items purchased may vary from the product picture. Lining fabrics may also vary.

Hand wash only. Your handbag can be damaged if machine washed or machine dried.

The “Mandy Clutch” is named after my amazing first dog that I had as an adult. Mandy was a Shephard-Cross who had the most energy and love for life out of any dog I ever had. She was a party girl through and through and of course, my inspiration for the half-party/half-practical clutch bag.

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W: 9" x H: 5 3/4" x D: 2"


Our company handcrafts each product in approximately 2 WEEKS. Oftentimes, orders process faster than that but we can’t guarantee a faster processing time.

Items purchased may vary from the product picture as this item is handmade. Lining fabrics may also vary.


Your product can be damaged if machine washed or dried. Hand wash only.


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