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West Coast Handmade is a store that celebrates a deep love and connection to the pursuit of handcrafting personal and household items using a variety of mediums including fabric, fibre, glass, cording and paint. 

Our family has supported handcrafting and artistic pursuits for multiple generations and have lived in and experienced and cherished many different cultures, further expanding out love for creative hand making of everyday items. 

At WCHM, our designs are purposely unassuming yet elegant, providing you with that unique quality experience you’ve been craving. ¬†Everyone who uses WCHM products is getting an authentic and thoughtful product designed to last and fit your (and our!) keen desire to use sustainable, reusable products.

WCHM makes it a priority to use natural, environmentally-conscious products as much as possible, prioritizes reducing waste in the hand making process, chooses first from Canadian or local suppliers and if that isn’t possible, uses socially and environmentally-minded international sources.

Our customers feel strongly about supporting businesses that are sustainably-minded and West Coast Handmade is right there with them working to do our part!


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